101 in 1001

101 in 1001 (April 4, 2008 – December 31, 2010):

1. Attend WPPI or other photography conference.
2. Attend an open casting call to be an extra in a movie.
3. Bike the length of the W&OD trail from Ashburn to DC and back.
4. Buy a new address book and update it. Completed 5/2/2010
5. Buy a new sofa. Completed 3/5/2010
6. Buy a soccer ball to kick around at the park.
7. Buy a difficult jigsaw puzzle and put it together. Completed 4/23/2009
8. Buy a super wide-angle lens. Completed 4/4/2008
9. Change my last name (Solo will still be used for photography). Completed 5/11/2009
10. Cook a real holiday meal on my own.
11. Cook fish on the grill (and eat it).
12. Create a 101 in 1001 list. (Freebie?) Completed 3/29/2008
13. Create a financial budget.
14. Create a plan to take a trip to Australia.
15. Design and order my wedding album.
16. Do a “Clean Sweep” of the garage and categorize everything into Keep/Sell/Donate/Trash. Completed 1/25/09
17. Donate novels that I have already read. Completed 1/21/09
18. Eat at a fabulous restaurant that I’ve never been to before.
19. Enter a print competition.
20. Fertilize the poor little tree in our front yard. Completed 4/12/2008
21. Freestyle-swim 750 meters without stopping.
22. Get a dog. Completed 7/2/08
23. Get a photo published in a magazine.
24. Get a plant. Completed 4/5/2008
25. Get rid of/donate all of my clothes that don’t currently fit. Completed 5/26/2008
26. Go camping (Chris says this isn’t going to go very well); bring supplies for real s’mores.
27. Go geocaching. Completed 1/4/09
28. Go hiking. Completed 12/13/2008
29. Go ice skating.
30. Go kayaking. Completed 6/19/2011
31. Go on a weekend roadtrip with Chris. Completed 12/18/2009
32. Go sledding, make a snowman and a snow angel all in one day. Completed 12/20/2009
33. Go snorkeling (for more than 5 minutes even if I’m terrified). Completed 7/20/2008
34. Go to a batting cage.
35. Go to a Capitals game. Completed 4/13/2008
36. Go to a driving range.
37. Go to a playground and swing on the swings.
38. Go to Alaska. Completed 6/17/2011
39. Hang Christmas lights (on the house…during the holiday season).
40. Hang drapes in the living room/dining room. Completed 4/20/2008
41. Have a traditional picnic in a park complete with basket and blanket.
42. Help my grandmother move out of her apartment. Completed 6/29/2008
43. Housebreak the dog. Completed 7/2/08
44. Jump on a trampoline.
45. Keep the plant alive for a year. Completed 4/4/09
46. Learn a new swim stroke.
47. Learn Adobe InDesign. Completed 8/2/2008 to create my new pricing information packet.
48. Learn all of the US state capitals.
49. Learn how to snowboard. Completed 12/26/2011
50. Learn to locate all of the world’s countries on a map. Completed 4/23/2009
51. Learn to play chess.
52. Learn to play the piano or the guitar. Learned to play “Happy Birthday” on the piano 5/22/2008, and I’m currently learning guitar!
53. Learn to tile the floor in one of my bathrooms.
54. Leave an anonymous note for someone that will make them smile.
55. Make a bird cage cover for Charlie.
56. Make all of the recipes in a cooking magazine from cover-to-cover (unless it calls for mayo).
57. Meet with a financial planner.
58. Order new studio stationery.
59. Order studio samples of the albums that I’m currently offering. Completed 1/31/2009
60. Paint the master bedroom.
61. Photograph a humpback whale. Completed 6/20/2011
62. Photograph a newborn. Completed 9/14/2008
63. Photograph a wedding on my own. Completed 7/20/2008
64. Plant a tree. Completed 4/22/2009
65. Properly categorize and file my film negatives and slides.
66. Put photos in the collage of frames above the bed in the master bedroom. Completed 12/6/09
67. Read The Once and Future King (I was supposed to read this in 10th grade, but didn’t.)
68. Refinish a piece of furniture. Completed 12/6/09
69. Ride a horse.
70. Run in a 5k.
71. Sand and paint the unfinished wall in the office. Completed (albeit badly) 8/28/2008
72. Scan old notes and letters and get rid of the physical versions.
73. Second-shoot at a wedding. Completed 4/18/08
74. See a show at the Improv.
75. See a show on Broadway.
76. Shop for Toys for Tots instead of donating money. Completed 12/11/09
77. Spend a whole day seeing movies (about 4 films) at a theatre. Completed 2/13/10
78. Start and complete a knitting or crochet project.
79. Start and complete a sewing project.
80. Take a cooking class. Completed 8/22/09
81. Take a family portrait with my parents. Completed 11/15/10
82. Take a hot air balloon ride.
83. Take a One Light workshop.
84. Take a Segway tour of DC.
85. Take a spontaneous weekend trip with no plans. Completed 12/18/09
86. Take a trip to the Outer Banks with just Chris.
87. Take a wine tasting class.
88. Teach Charlie to say something.
89. Transfer my skydiving video and my high school play/musical video to DVD. Completed 6/6/09
90. Transfer silly recordings of my brother and me on cassette tapes to CD.
91. Visit my brother in Scotland.
92. Visit my sister in Colorado. Completed 11/24/2008
93. Visit the Corcoran Gallery.
94. Visit the National Arboretum. Completed 7/3/2011
95. Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity.
96. Volunteer to photograph at least one charity event per year. Completed 1 out of 3
97. Vote in the 2008 Presidential Election. Completed 11/4/2008
98. Watch Forest Gump (I haven’t seen it yet – I know, I know). Completed 1/4/09
99. Watch the entire Arrested Development series on DVD. Completed 4/12/2009
100. Write a thank you note for someone for something other than a gift. Completed 4/28/2008
101. Write one of the children’s stories I’ve been brainstorming.

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