2010 Wedding Schedule

Have you ever wondered about what exactly goes into the whole wedding photography process (specifically our process) step-by-step? Each wedding start-to-finish includes at least the following steps:

  • consultation with the bride and/or groom via meetings, emails, phone calls, etc.
  • contract preparation
  • accounting/book-keeping steps throughout
  • shooting an engagement session
  • editing the engagement session
  • site visits to pre-visualize the wedding day
  • additional consultation to discuss the wedding day schedule
  • pre-wedding prep including equipment checks and cleanings, battery-charging, and memory card formatting
  • shooting the wedding!
  • backing up the wedding images and then backing them up again
  • editing the wedding including categorizing and processing the images
  • creating a blog post of my favorite images
  • uploading the images to Pictage (thus backing them up, once again)
  • burning images to discs
  • packaging up everything for delivery

Most of my weddings also include guest books and wedding albums, so that adds additional steps for designing the albums, making changes to the designs, and then ordering/delivering the books. Plus there are tons of other little steps in there just to keep the business running smoothly. Whew! So all of that said, in order to provide my clients with the best and most personalized service, I only take a limited number of weddings each year. I am so excited about the amazing couples that we have booked for 2010!

We are currently booking for 2011, but have decided to open up one more spot for 2010 (though June and October are both full). So definitely contact us soon if you’re considering SSP for your wedding this year! And in honor of this really rainy weekend we’re having, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite images from Marjorie and Nick’s rainy day wedding last year:

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  • Cindy - Ahhh this is a nice one. I can see why it’s one of your favorites! You are a hard worker and so so talentented Susan and it would be a blessing for any b&g to have you as their wedding photographer!ReplyCancel

    • susan - You’re such a sweetheart, Cindy! Thank you!

  • Cindy Brown - What a great idea for a post. So many people have no idea of all the work that goes on before and after the wedding. I may have to steal this idea … hmmm.
    Oh and I love your logo 🙂

    • susan - Thanks so much, Cindy B.! Definitely feel free to steal the idea. If I remember correctly, I think I was inspired by Anne Ruthmann who did a similar wedding steps post a long time ago.