D.C. at Night

Chris and I went to see the National Christmas Tree last night, with the intention of taking pictures. We got a slap on the wrist though for trying to use a tripod in front of the south lawn of the White House (setting up a tripod indicates that we are snipers apparently), so we went over to the WWII memorial to take pictures there. A tripod was used for all of these, so ha.


Unfortunately we got a little turned around trying to come back out of the city towards home, and we got lost. The funny thing was that I had just purchased a GPS device from Best Buy, so we thought, great! That’ll be so useful. But the GPS was inside of one of those sealed plastic bubble packages and we could not get the darn thing open. Perfect irony. (Obviously we made it home, thanks to cell phones with Internet connectivity and the use of MapQuest.)

And just as a bonus since it’s on the same topic, here’s another photo I took of the city at night a few years ago. This one is scanned from a 35mm film print. It had been raining all day, so I loved the way the streets are reflecting the traffic trails and street lights.


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