A Long-Lost Relative?

In my whole life, I’ve never met or even heard of anyone else with my maiden name, Solo, that wasn’t a relative of mine. Okay, besides Han Solo – I get those jokes all the time. So hearing about the United States Women’s National Soccer Team’s goalie, Hope Solo, raises a few questions.

Has my family hidden something from me? Do I have a secret long-lost relative? Do I have Olympic-calibur athletic potential in my blood despite my uncanny clumsiness and penchant for falling down the stairs? I’m not good at geneology, family trees, lineage and all of that stuff, so I can’t even figure out how we could possibly be related, but with a last name like Solo, we must be right? I’m not actually accusing my family of anything scandalous – they would never hide something like that from me. Although…I did only find out a few years ago that our cat, who I considered “mine” when I was three years old, didn’t run away as I was told. My mom actually gave him to a friend of hers when my baby brother was born (he had severe allergies). My sister spilled the beans on a family road trip. I think that was the only major family secret though (and I think they just forgot over the years that I didn’t know the truth about Alex). But if there is something going on, this cat is out of the bag now, too!

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  • Jaci Clark - That’s interesting. I wouldn’t have guessed that Solo was that unusual of a last name. Not like my maiden name….Evanovitz. LOL! Couple that with J-A-C-I and it made for some interesting moments. I’ve never met anyone with my maiden name and I was 28 the first time I met someone with the first name Jackie spelled like mine.
    Maybe you should try some genealogy. I’m no expert but could give you some tips on where to start.


  • Eileen Broderick - Susan Solo, you always have the most entertaining and funny blog posts. I wouldn’t have thought the name Solo was that different either, but come to think of it, you ARE the only Solo I have ever met. Interesting…ReplyCancel

  • Jenn - She could be related.. you both like to look to the left.ReplyCancel