A Steamboat Adventure

Well hello, warmer weather! Chris and I just returned from week in Colorado to visit my family and to ski at Steamboat Resort and we’re surprised to find that Virginia is a comfortable temperature in comparison!

The part of our Colorado trip in which we visited my family was wonderful and relaxing. My sister and brother-in-law hosted their annual Winter Solstice party and Chris and I were finally in town at the right time to attend. We enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner at my mom and dad’s house and exchanged gifts. We watched movies, ate and drank at our favorite spots in Fort Collins, and shopped. We even helped my dad shovel the driveway when Fort Collins received 6-8 inches of snow.

The part of our Colorado trip in which we drove to Steamboat Springs for a mini ski trip was quite an adventure! The drive to Steamboat on a nice day is absolutely stunning, but in bad weather it can be a bit perilous. Guess what kind of weather we had on the way there? Yep, snow. The stretch through Rabbit Ears Pass stressed us out a little – when the wind blew across the loose, fresh powder and whipped it into a cloud of solid white, we couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of our car. Combine a white road and a white sky with a big cloud of white, and it’s a miracle we didn’t steer right off the cliff! Obviously we made it though, and had an awesome time at skiing Steamboat Resort (no snowboards this time). It’s tricky to take pictures whilst skiing, but I did bring along the point-and-shoot and my iPhone on the trip, so here are a few snaps!




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  • Pam Spry - Beautiful pictures! So sorry we missed you while you were here, but maybe next year. Happy New Year!ReplyCancel

  • Susan - Thank you, Pam! Happy New Year to you and Bob!ReplyCancel