Bazaar Findings in Purcellville

The day that Chris and I toured breweries in Purcellville, we had some time to spend before any of the taprooms opened (the earliest opened their doors at 3pm). After a tasty lunch at Magnolias and wandering around some of the nearby shops, we found ourselves hunting for treasure inside It’s Bazaar on 21st Street. Part consignment shop, part antiques store, It’s Bazaar has something interesting and beautiful for everyone of all ages: vintage collectibles, home decor, music and movies, handmade pottery, jewelry, and things you forgot even existed. Cue OMC’s song, How Bizarre.


We spent a lot of time poking around in this section looking through records, comic books, and paperbacks that reminded us of our childhood. I love the smell of old books! Chris and I had a good laugh reading a book from 1966 called, “Dear Beatles,” a collection of letters to the band with accompanying illustrations.


As soon as we thought we had explored the whole store, we realized there is a second floor full of more goodies. One could spend hours in here wandering through miscellaneous memorabilia, but if you don’t have time to pop into the shop, a sample of items is available for purchase online.


I scored two vintage cameras for my small collection including this little Bell & Howell Electric Eye 127, and a Kodak Brownie Junior Six 16 that I had been wanting. Both were reasonably priced, in great shape, and have already found a little spot around our home. I can’t wait to see if they still work!


So next time you find yourself with time to pass in Loudoun County or if you’re in search of a quirky or antique item, mosey on into It’s Bazaar in Purcellville and see what kind of treasures you can discover. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on their vintage camera stock!

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