Colorado Recap: The Obsession Continues…

Chris and I were in Colorado for Christmas a few weeks ago, and while we were there we took a trip out to Steamboat Springs for some snowboarding with my sister and brother-in-law. They are locals and longtime skiers, and they love Steamboat so we decided to give it a try with them. The resort is huge, and the skiing/snowboarding was amazing. They had just received something like 14-inches of new powdery snow, so it was definitely the softest, snowiest ride we’ve ever experienced. And it was COLD. The base of the mountain was 12 degrees, so you can imagine that as we went up (and up and up) the lifts, it got really chilly even with lots of layers on. Plus there were flurries throughout the day. Here we are, smiley but cold!

The view from the lift was just so pretty. The view down the mountain:

And the view up the hill. Plus an action shot of me! I’m happy to report that my skills are improving vastly – I can link turns consistently and make it down a run without really falling. I do still have a little trouble when the trail is really really narrow – that kind of spooks me because my turns are wide, but I’m sure I’ll continue to improve this season. We have several trips planned – I’m obsessed with our new hobby.


Most importantly, while I was in Colorado I got to spend quality time with my family for the Christmas holiday. I love them so much! We chatted a lot, and I personally ate a lot, so thank goodness for the snowboarding to burn off the calories.

And I got to see my nephew, Andy the Weimaraner (pictured below), and my niece, Fiona the Snowshoe Siamese kitty! So that’s always nice.

Counting down the days to our next trip out there!

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