Facebooth Debut: The Results!

Amy & Scott’s 5.14.11 wedding was the first time we officially implemented the facebooth, and it was a big hit! The facebooth is perfect for the following uses at a wedding:

Sweet portraits (hey look, it’s Kara & Greg!):

Mug shots:


Interpretive dance:

Gang signs:

Flexing a muscle:


And prop usage! (These were actually courtesy of the bridal party who brought them for other purposes, but they were fun to use in the photobooth so I’ve ordered my own set!)

The facebooth is not so great for extreme close-ups, but this is still funny:

And of course, the facebooth is perfect for newlyweds!

More photos from Amy & Scott’s 5.14.11 wedding coming up soon! Check back here, or “like us” on Facebook to be notified of more sneak peeks!

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