Chris just recently got back into playing golf (he used to play when he was younger), so it was the perfect time for me to cross off go to a driving range on my bucket list. My mom used to play, and her dad was an avid golfer in his days, so I figure I must have some amount of aptitude for the sport, right?

Last weekend we visited Dulles Golf Center & Sports Park, where Chris taught me the basics on grip, stance, and swing. I was surprised at how much is involved, and I’m not sure why I didn’t realize it’s such a difficult sport. I had fun though! My nine iron connected with the ball over half the time and a few times I even sent the ball straight, so that seems like a good start. My arms are still a little sore though, I think from the many times I accidentally whacked the club into the ground. We’ll definitely go to the driving range again, and I’m also planning to take a lesson or two. I see what a tremendous amount of practice it takes to become good enough to play, and I think I’d like to attempt a real game someday (a long time from now).01_driving_range_blog02_driving_range_blog03_driving_range_blog

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