Honduras Snapshot

It’s time (or well past the time) for a Honduras snapshot post! Here I’ve rounded up a few nuggets of info about our trip, and some of our favorite moments and photos.

Trip Details

Chris and I traveled to Roatan, Honduras and stayed on the east end of the island in Camp Bay. We flew round-trip from IAD to RTB with a layover in MIA. Our Saturday-to-Saturday itinerary from April 7-14 included a week-long stay at the Living Waters villa which we reached by rental car.

Best Moment

I don’t know if it gets any better than snuggling a sloth, but I also had an amazing time kayaking around the water behind the villa.

Worst Moment

The power at the villa went out for a little while one day, and I did get a couple of itchy bug bites, but that’s all just part of island life. I’m reeeeeeally not complaining. The trip pretty much went as smooth as we could hope for! I’d happily accept a couple of bites and a temporary lack of electricity if it meant I could return to that magical spot on the island right now.

Funniest Moment

Seeing Chris play jungle gym to a couple of capuchin monkeys was certainly worthy of a few giggles!

Best Meal

This one is a straight-up tie: we absolutely loved our home-cooked lunch at Geraline’s (part of our Jade Beach tour guide’s family – I wish she could cook for us after every time we go snorkeling!) and our giant crab feast at Gio’s in the French Harbour area. I’ve never had so much fun making a mess while eating.

Something We Learned

This was our second time doing a mangroves tour (we also saw a mangroves forest on Grand Cayman), but this was the first time we had an opportunity to get really close to the tropical trees and to learn about them from a born-and-raised Roatan local. Mangroves are salt-tolerant trees that have adapted to harsh conditions that would normally kill other plants, and they provide a rich environment for all kinds of fish, birds, and insects.

We’re Thankful We Packed

I’m always happy to embrace my inner-nerd and work on a jigsaw puzzle during our beach trips. I pack a 1000-piece one every time. It’s perfect for a rainy day (although this time we didn’t have any rain at all), and it gives me a break from the sun whenever my fair skin has reached its UV-limits. I also like to work on it in the early morning while I eat my breakfast, and this puzzle happened to be breakfast-themed! So meta.

We Didn’t Need To Bring

Scuba gear. I originally planned this trip around completing our open water diver certification, but I simply didn’t end up falling in love with scuba diving like I was hoping and decided not to continue the training for now. More on that later, but I didn’t end up needing the wetsuit I brought for our open water checkout dives.

Trip Regrets

We spent the week watching kite surfers on the water behind our house and it looked like so much fun. But it also looked like a steep learning curve, and that week was really just carved out for pure and utter relaxation, so we decided not to put the effort into much of anything beyond floating in the pool, eating, and drinking. I wish we had at least attempted it though! We’ve decided we would love to go back to this exact spot and stay a week or longer, so next time we will definitely sign up for some lessons.

Reasons To Go Back

See above re: kite surfing and…I would like to stay at that amazing house again!

Favorite Photos

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