“I’m Fantastic!”

My coworker brought her daughter in to work for a couple of hours this morning – you might remember Anika from an impromptu portrait session a few months back.

Anika, out of school for the summer break, was showing me her addition skills on a practice workbook page. She’s four, but she was adding up to two-digit numbers like she was several years older. I was genuinely impressed and I told her how good and amazing she was at math. She looked up at me and saw that I was seriously in awe of her. She cracked the biggest grin and said, “yeah! I’m FANTASTIC!” practically at the top of her lungs. It made me laugh, and at the same time I realized how much we adults can and should learn from kids. She knows she’s good at math, and isn’t afraid to feel positive and confident about it! I totally love that.

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  • Jaci Clark - HAHA! That’s great. My kids do this a lot too. They don’t have the inhibitions and/or fears that we adults have. More power to them I say! May they never loose it and grow up to be great movers and shakers!


  • Eileen Broderick - Totally! It’s nice to be a bit modest, but I think we are taught to practically hide our gifts at times. That’s a shame. I love this story! Go, Anika!ReplyCancel