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Well, I did it – I finally switched to an iPhone! I have been using a BlackBerry Pearl for the last several years AND an iPod Touch, and it just made sense to me to combine the functionality of the two. I love gadgets in general, and this one does not disappoint with all of its handy little features. The camera alone is an improvement over my old Pearl, and I’ll definitely be using it more frequently.

I normally wouldn’t announce this on my blog as it’s hardly news (and I’m also a teeny bit paranoid about putting certain information “out there” – you know, because that one criminal is reading MY blog and taking notes about my purchases and my daily schedule so they can mug me), this purchase unexpectedly completes item #4 on my 101 in 1001 list: Buy a new address book and update it. So I’m mentioning it here and taking a photo for 101 in 1001 documentation purposes. I have put all of my contact information in Outlook on my computer, which synchronizes with my iPhone, so while it’s not an address book per se, it’s certainly functioning as one among other things. Yay for a multi-tasking gadget!

(image taken with the iPhone, of course)

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  • Casey - Ooh – how exciting! I’m thinking of getting one, so please let me know how you like it after you get settled in.ReplyCancel