Jessica & Nick – Engaged!

You know how I always talk about the weather in conjunction with my photo sessions? Maybe subconsciously I have a deep desire to be a meteorologist or something. Anyway, I’m going to do it again – I’m going to mention the weather. I simply can’t help it!

Jessi, Nick and I planned to meet up in D.C. for their engagement session on Saturday. The rain forecast said chance of thunderstorms 50%. We decided to give it a go, and sure enough right as our session was starting, the rain started, too. Thankfully, it only lasted for a few minutes and then the sky cleared up and we were treated to a beautiful evening! On my way home after the session ended, it started raining again. So our timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Oh, and did I mention? President Obama flew in through Dulles Airport that day, so the motorcade completely blocked off my route into D.C. and made me a few minutes late. I always leave extra time for traffic, but sometimes you just can’t predict this area. Nick and Jessi were so sweet and fun to photograph so I’m really glad it all worked out! We started off by taking a few photos by the Tidal Basin where they got engaged.

Aren’t they so cute?!

Favorite! I’m so glad the crowd of people sitting at the end of this next shot decided to move. 🙂

Jessi and Nick, it was so nice to meet both of you and to get to know you a bit! Thank you so much for wandering around with me – you were awesome to photograph. I hope you have an amazing wedding back home, and best wishes for a long, happy marriage!

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