Knob Knob…Who’s There?

Happy Monday! I just wanted to show (off) a tiny/quick update that Chris and I finally completed in our house. It’s really the smallest detail, but it makes such a huge difference! Any guesses from the following iPhone snapshots as to what it is?


We finally finished changing out all the hardware on our doors! We swapped out all the brass knobs, hinges and doorstops with oil-rubbed bronze hardware and I LOVE the difference it makes. They really pop off the white doors now, and I find myself just staring at them sometimes.

It’s really sad funny sad how long it took us to complete this super easy project. First, we ended up making three separate trips to Home Depot for the supplies because the person in charge of counting the hardware (ahem…me) kept missing one or two here and there. Second, we sort of have home-projects-ADD, otherwise known as HPADD. We would do a few knobs, admire our work, then wander off to watch TV or something. Chris ended up doing the rest of the knobs one weekend while I wasn’t home – yay! But then it was several months before we felt like doing the hinges, especially since the first door took us a long time. We removed the entire door and tried to swap all three hinges at once. It was awkward, even with two people. We eventually realized it’s much easier to just leave the door in place and replace each hinge at a time.

So there you have it! The tiniest and not-too-expensive little update (I think our total was around $385 for 12 doors) and we love the results. My next project in de-brassing the house is to refinish the rest of the light fixtures – I’ve already successfully done one and I love how it turned out. After four more fixtures, that will be the last of the brass. More on that soon!

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