Lemons in Your Orange Juice?

Having a blog is a funny thing – it has this sort of nagging power over me and there’s always this little tug in the back of my mind making me feel guilty for not updating. I honestly just have been completely buried in work the past couple of weeks with editing photos and doing album designs. I haven’t picked up my camera in days! Well, except once at the grocery store, and another time for a few seconds when I ran outside to snap a picture of a cool pattern of clouds late in the evening. I ran out to the deck with my camera, only to remember in horror that there is usually a cluster of giant eight-legged creepies hanging around the top of the door frame whenever it’s dark outside. (I have goosebumps everywhere just from typing that.) I panicked, and ran back inside. You know, before they could get me. That picture didn’t turn out so great, so I’ll just show you the one from the grocery store that had me giggling for over an hour (and then it’s back to work for me – more pictures soon!):

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