Lindsay & Mike – Engaged!

Sometimes I feel like I’m just going to burst with glee over how great/fun/cute my clients are. And with that, I’d like to submit Exhibit A as evidence of aforementioned adorable clients: photos from my engagement session with Lindsay and Mike in DC! We decided to meet up near the Capitol building and wander around that area, which was so fun because no matter how many times I shoot in the city, I see something new every single time. And also so fun because these two are so cute!

This is outside the restaurant where Mike took Lindsay to dinner after he proposed!

Mike makes Lindsay laugh, and I love that.

Like I said, I see something new every time I go into DC, and I am quite certain that I had never been around to this side of the Capitol building. I LOVE this photo:

And back around front, this is the exact spot where Mike proposed!

Thanks for such a fun afternoon, Lindsay and Mike! I can’t wait to see you both again for your wedding in October. I know it’s going to be a blast! Oh and thank you SO MUCH for sending my sunglasses along! 😉

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