London Snapshot

I am quite behind on getting this snapshot post up, but for good reason: I’m working on a little website sprucing/redesign project and I’m hoping to go live with it soon! In the meantime, here are the highlights (and one lowlight) from our most recent trip to London.


Best Moment

Well, it’s hard to rate any other moment up against seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on stage in London so I’m not even going to try! My full recap of that day is here.

Worst Moment

Ah, the worst moment would be when we were on the way to afternoon tea at Sanderson. In a moment of jet-lagged haze, I misjudged the walking distance, failed to memorize exactly where we needed to go, and neglected to look at the weather forecast, so Chris and I found ourselves a little lost during a heavy downpour on our first day in London. Knowing how predictably unpredictable the weather can be in the U.K. I can hardly blame this one on anyone but myself. We managed to arrive just in time for our reservation looking only slightly soaked, and we ended up having a lovely time, but I did get a little cranky on the way.


Funniest Moment

In my way-over-excited state right before seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I missed the directions for exactly where to pick up my tickets before the show and I entered the Palace Theatre through the front doors like I knew what I was doing. Never mind the fact that the entrance was roped off and the doors were tightly closed – I simply walked behind the roped barrier and happily let myself inside. The staff were genuinely surprised to see me in there and they were friendlier than I deserved for not properly reading the directions. A woman gently directed me to the side of the building where I would find the box office. Oops! Minus one for Americans – I did not represent us well that day I suppose.


Best Meal

We ate so well while we were in London! Chris and I both loved our mid-theatre dinner at Burger & Lobster, but I really enjoyed the afternoon we spent wandering through a very crowded Borough Market gobbling up goodies from various food stalls. It was a meal and an adventure all in one!



Something We Learned

We learned how to use Uber! Isn’t it weird that we hadn’t used it yet? Our first Uber ride experience went off without a hitch, and we’re now both fans of the ride-sharing world.

We’re Thankful We Packed

My Harry Potter socks. 🙂

We Didn’t Need To Bring

An umbrella, because I ended up buying a new, fancy one from James Smith & Sons.


Trip Regrets

A classic regret: this trip solidified London’s spot in my most favorite cities ever list, and I wish we could have spent more time there!

Reasons To Go Back

I have a feeling London will always call to me. I could go back any time, for any reason!

Favorite Photos



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  • Joan Long - Hi, Susan, I’ve been looking at your Iceland pics and reliving my adventure there having been back about two weeks. Fascinating country. Lovely pictures. Shared the trip with about 50 others and a tour leader hyper about being on the bus at the appointed time but still it was worth it. Did see the Northern lights and soaked in the Blue Lagoon. Still can get the silica out of my suit. Now I’m planning on about 10 days in London in a flat in Pall Mall area with two college friends in April ’18. Will be reading your London blog for ideas. Happy Trails! Love, JoanReplyCancel

    • Susan - Hi Joan! I’m so excited to hear about your Iceland trip, and thrilled that you get to see London next! (I’m going to email you about it.) Glad the blog posts are helpful! Love, Susan