Molly & Will – 10.10.10

Okay, I sheepishly admit that I’m waaay later than usual at getting this blog post up! Somehow the last week or so I have just been completely buried with everything. But I’m slowly unburying myself (my instant spell-check has just told me that “unburying” is not a word, but I’d like to officially submit it as one) and I now present you with a few favorite images from Molly and Will’s 10.10.10 wedding. How cool is their anniversary date, by the way?! No excuses for forgetting the exact date! We started off with a few getting ready/detail photos at Molly & Will’s house:

Molly arranged these flowers herself! Impressive, right?!

Mom and Kim (MOH) helping with the dress:

Meanwhile, the guys – you know they’re ready in about five minutes, so the “getting ready” photos often center around watching sports. Looks like it was a good game!

Just thought I’d show these next two photos of a gift that was given to Molly and Will in case anyone wants to steal this adorable idea.

Molly and Will decided to see each other before the ceremony. I love the anticipation of this moment!

So handsome!

Molly, I have more traditional photos of you, but I just really LOVE this one! You are stunning! After a few photos, we headed over to Constitution Gardens for a really lovely, intimate ceremony.

The hanging mason jar lanterns were the perfect touch:


Molly and Will hosted the most perfect dinner for all of their guests at Maggiano’s in Chevy Chase.

(Kim, you’re gorgeous!)

Best wishes and congratulations, Molly and Will! Chris and I are so happy to have met you and to have been a part of your day. Thank you for letting us celebrate with you! I hope you had an amazing honeymoon. 🙂

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  • Evelyn (Morris) Brooks - Molly,
    You are such a beautiful bride! I am so happy for you and Will. It has been a long time since you and Paula went to Happy Kid and King’s Dominion together…I know she would have been so happy for you. Congratulations on your new life together! I know your parents are both so proud…