Moving Pictures: Isla Mujeres

Now for the other reason I didn’t take as many photos of whale sharks as I’d have liked to (besides the fact that they were super difficult to photograph) – I was also taking video! And videoing these guys was maybe even more fun than taking photos. Nothing compares to actually being there, but I love watching the clips of our trip and remembering those magical moments in the water.

(Side note: I know whale sharks are sharks and not whales. I just like this song!)

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  • Adrienne - Love the video, especially your whale shark footage! I only shot one little clip but looking at it definitely makes me wish I had taken more video. I’m normally more of a still photo person but video conveys the experience of being in the water with them better than photos do.ReplyCancel

    • Susan - Thank you, Adrienne! It was pretty overwhelming trying to take photos, and videos, and enjoy the moment, and keep up with the sharks, right?! But so fun. I need another turn in the water. 🙂