Mr. & Mrs. Marks

I can now cross off #9. Change my last name on my 101 in 1001 list! Chris and I got married in October 2007, but I just hadn’t gotten around to officially changing my last name until now. It’s funny that it took me so long to change it, considering how badly I wanted to do so when I was little. When I was in elementary school, kids used to always tease me about the name Solo. They would ask if I was related to Han Solo from Star Wars, or they would ask me where Chewbacca was, and I absolutely hated being teased about it! I couldn’t wait to get married and change my last name. I would constantly pair my name with other boys’ names and figure out what sounded best (anything but Solo). Somewhere along the way as I got older, by the time I was in high school, I started to really love my name. People would tell me that it sounds like a movie star’s name, and I loved that. The Star Wars jokes were still lame, but in an endearing silly kind of way, and it was fun. Now when people ask if I’m related to Han Solo, (and yes, they still ask) I just say he’s my uncle or something.

When I married Chris Marks, I was torn about the prospect of changing my name. I love the sound of “Susan Marks” and I like the idea of Mr. and Mrs. Marks, but I also truly love my maiden name. Plus, I wanted to continue to run my photography business as Susan Solo. So, in the end I just decided I didn’t have to choose – I legally kept all of my names by turning my maiden name into a second middle name. So you can call me Susan Solo, Susan Marks, or Han Solo’s niece. 🙂

I don’t have a photo to document the completion of this item, so how about a picture of Chris and me on our wedding day, courtesy of my sister:

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  • Eileen Broderick - Man, you are killin’ me on this 101 list!! Congrats, though. I totally noticed the new name on FB today and was gonna ask about it. It does sound good! You are lucky–Marks is great. And still sounds like a movie star name. I totally hear you, by the way. I love my maiden name and it felt incredibly weird to change it. You’ve been one name your whole life and it’s just so odd to suddenly be something else. I did the same thing–kept it as my middle name. The main reason I changed it was so I’d have the same last name as my children. Plus–Broderick is a nice name. =)

    P.S. (Because I didn’t write enough yet, right?!) I LOVE this photo! You looked amazing at your wedding. No surprise.ReplyCancel

  • Coelle - i did the same thing about pairing my last name with boys. 🙂 🙂 congrats on the new name addition!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Yaay! We had to fill out another marriage license (long story) and I decided to keep my maiden name as my second middle name too. 🙂 btw…I hope I look as beautiful on my wedding day as you did on yours!ReplyCancel

  • Mike - So, if Mom yells at you now, is it Susan Elizabeth Solo Marks (get in here, clean up your room, you’re grounded, etc)?ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I love this picture! You are so pretty! And so is “Chris.”ReplyCancel

  • emily - you’re just so beautiful Susan —ReplyCancel

  • Bri - Beautiful image 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Eileen Broderick - Ugh–I just re-read my earlier comment. What was I ON that day?! Sorry–what a blabbermouth!ReplyCancel