My Own Holy Grail

This is ridiculous, I know, but we all have our quirks, right?! I’ve been on a quest searching for Diet Cherry 7-Up in a can my whole life. I could frequently find it in the 2-liter bottle, but the 2-liter only tastes good to me the first time you open it. After that it’s kind of bleh. And I’ve even seen regular Cherry 7-Up in cans, but never the diet version (I don’t like drinks with sugar in them). I honestly didn’t even know if Diet Cherry 7-Up in a can existed, but I only hoped and dreamed. I looked for it in the grocery store every time I shopped even though I realized that it wouldn’t just all-of-a-sudden be on the shelf when I’d never seen it before. I even looked for it when we traveled. So you can imagine my utter shock and disbelief a couple of weeks ago when miraculously I spotted it at Safeway in the Broadlands. One lonely 12-pack just sitting there on the shelf, and I practically dove for it expecting someone else to swoop it out of my reach before I got my hands on it. It was mine! I happily paid for it, took it home and chilled it, and enjoyed one can a night for several days.

Chris and I went back to that Safeway this past weekend, and they had restocked the soda aisle. I found FOUR 12-packs of Diet Cherry 7-Up cans and promptly purchased them all with no hesitation. I’m stoked that I’m now all stocked up:

What are you searching for? What is the one thing you’d love to find, but haven’t found it yet?

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  • Coelle - YUMMY!! Ok, I now must find that…. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Eileen Broderick - You crack me up. And I know exactly what you mean about a 2-liter bottle. I agree whole-heartedly. So glad you found what you were missing. 😉

    I love the question at the end but am too tired and busy to give a good answer right now. Sorry.

    Here’s something! KitKat bites. I do not allow myself to buy them b/c I cannot control myself around them. I already loved the classic KitKat. Who knew there was anything better? Until KitKat bites arrived in all of their bite-sized glory. Mmmm…Damn. Having a major craving.ReplyCancel