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After five days of unseasonably hot weather in Austria and Slovakia, and five days of dreary rainy weather in Germany, Chris and I gratefully welcomed a sunny and mild forecast for our (almost) four days in Czech Republic. The first day we checked out Pilsen and got settled into our Airbnb in Prague. The second day we hung out with Jan from Eating Prague on the Brews and Views Tour. With our remaining two days in Prague, we decided to split our time between Old Town and Mala Strana.


Our perfectly located Airbnb was situated on the Old Town side just a couple of blocks from the Charles Bridge and steps from the Old Town Square. We enjoyed easy access to so many cafes, bars, restaurants, and city sights. Even on the days that weren’t officially designated as Old Town day, we wandered this area of Prague frequently.


One of my favorite activities ended up being the climb to the top of the Old Town Hall Tower for sprawling views of the city. For 120czk each (around $5 USD), we went to the observation deck and took in a stunning bird’s eye view of Prague. The winding ramp up and down felt a little less tiring than if it were stairs (like the Belfry in Bruges), and there is even an elevator available if needed.


Being two big technology geeks, we couldn’t miss out on seeing the biggest private collection of Apple products in the world, so we popped into the Apple Museum for a quick spin through the exhibit. I took a stroll down memory lane by revisiting Apple items from my childhood (my very first computer was the Apple IIe). At 9 euro per adult, it’s a decent rainy day activity and a must-see for tech-lovers. The collection is extensive, but it only took us an hour to see the whole gallery.


For lunch we hit Joy Burger to cure a cheeseburger and beer craving. We loved the burgers here, and I highly recommend the Thick Farmer Fries for a specially seasoned twist on a classic side.



And in the sweets department, you may have seen a photo of this very popular treat floating around on Pinterest. I saw it, too, and simply couldn’t resist trying it. Suffice it to say, I was underwhelmed. (Sorry to burst any dessert bubbles!) The fried dough cone was okay, and the ice cream reminded me of McDonald’s soft-serve. It was fine, but not that special. Womp womp.


There were plenty of other sweet treats in Prague that we enjoyed more than the above trdelnik though. Eating Prague pointed us to a gingerbread bakery, Perníčkův sen, where the smell alone is worth a visit. I wish my blog had smell-o-vision so I could share that experience with you! In addition to smells, this shop is an excellent spot for procuring delicious souvenirs for people back home (or for yourself).


Bakeshop is also an excellent source for sugary goodness or breakfast pastries. I became all too used to our daily cappuccino-and-pastry breakfast ritual on this trip.


And for anyone who still insists on trying the trdelnik, I recommend getting one from Good Food Bakery near the Charles Bridge. It apparently makes a world of difference where you purchase a trdelnik (the one below was MUCH better), and I personally liked the chocolate-lined pastry vs. the one filled with ice cream.


If liquid treats are more your speed, then point yourself toward Hemingway Bar and order a fun craft cocktail in this retro-themed lounge. In a cozy atmosphere that draws inspiration from the famous writer’s bar life, we sampled Hemingway’s Gasoline, the Rested Nail, and a B-Celebration No. 2 served in the funkiest little teapot.




Last but of course not least, we finished up the day with dinner at a 15th-century restaurant that brews several beers on-site. Pivovar U Tří Růží offers a menu of local cuisine and comfort food classics that warm the soul. I recommend starting out with the beer board, a selection of smoked meats, pickled vegetables, and onion bread. Pair it with one of the house beers brewed via old brewing tradition and you’ve got yourself a true Czech experience.


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  • Adrienne - I heard the same thing from a friend that the filled trdelniks are underwhelming. I’m glad you eventually found a good one though! (That chocolate one looks way better to me too.) Do you know if there’s any particular reason the Apple Museum is in Prague? Seems like sort of an odd location for it…ReplyCancel

    • Susan - Good question! If I remember correctly, this just happens to be the largest private collection of Apple products. I assumed the collector must live in Prague!