One Year

One year ago today, I was incredibly lucky enough to marry my very best friend. While he knows I love him dearly, I know I don’t tell him thank you enough, so I thought I’d shout it to the world (or at least my little blog world) here for the things that I’m so very grateful. Chris, thank you for…

…letting me talk on and on, even when you’re so tired and ready to go to sleep, or when you’re watching the game.
…actually listening.
…always being up for any of my crazy ideas, and for not making me feel like they’re so crazy.
…being so supportive and encouraging. I love how you cheer me on in everything that I do, and whether or not I succeed, it just feels good knowing that you’re behind me 100%.
…making me laugh so hard! You’re hilarious, and this is one of my favorite things about you.
…restocking the Diet Coke in the fridge when I forget.
…watching TV shows and movies with me that I know are probably pretty unbearable for dudes.
…being so quiet on the mornings that you get up before me (okay, all mornings) so that I can keep sleeping.
…(speaking of sleeping) helping me to locate a fan on our trips and vacations because I need the white noise to sleep.
…holding onto me when I walk in heels along tricky terrain like ice and cobblestones because you know I’m so clumsy.
…leaving post-it notes for me of things that I need/want to remember.
…carrying heavy stuff. I love when you greet me after a shoot to help me get my gear upstairs.
…properly disposing of the six-legged and the dreaded eight-legged creatures that find their way into the house (and knowing that “proper” means not just in the trash…it means FLUSH).
…taking such good care of me. I know I’m a bit of a princess sometimes, but just know that the wonderful little things you do for me don’t go unnoticed.

What some of you may not know is that Chris and I have actually been together for a little over ten years! So for fun, I dug up a picture of us (badly scanned from a print) from early on in our relationship. I think this was taken in 1999. I love you (so much), Chris! Happy anniversary.

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    I hope (well I know) in a year I will feel and be as much in love with my new Hubby as you too are with each other. You both are such positive people and you are both lucky to have found each other. I hope I know you both 10 more years from now.ReplyCancel

  • marlene - 🙂 this post gave me warm fuzzies!ReplyCancel

  • marlene - and i’m sure it gave Chris the fuzzies too! (i got eager and accidentally pressed Enter LOL)

    Here’s to many many years of wedded bliss!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Hodzic - Yay! What a great blog post!
    Happy Happy Anniversary!ReplyCancel

  • Eileen Broderick - Best. Post. Ever.

    susan–you sound like you hit the jackpot, but Chris did, too. You are one of the sweetest, truest, nicest, happiest people to be around. I wish I could meet chris; he sounds like a Keeper. (As my Grandpa would say.) Hey–maybe I will meet him! Visiting D.C. is on my list of 101.ReplyCancel

  • Eileen Broderick - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!ReplyCancel

  • emily - Happy Anniversary!!!! so cute – and I hope it was fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Chantal - Aww….Happy Anniversary….what a cute photo 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Julia - Happy Anniversary my friend! No more newlywed status! What a sweet posting.ReplyCancel