Organized? Sort Of.

I’m sort of an organization freak wannabe. I love The Container Store. I love labeling things. I love for everything to have a place. But the wannabe part is because sometimes it takes me a while to come up with or implement a solution. I’ve only recently discovered that having three hampers (one for darks, one for whites, one for dry cleaning) in my bedroom closet is the answer to my laundry issues.

I have a lot of small things sitting around in my office to which I need quick access on a daily basis. So today’s Project 10/List 1 – Image 7 is dedicated to my Daily System cubby from Pottery Barn, where I store batteries, battery chargers, CF cards, my Epson P3000, iPods, my little point-and-shoot camera and other miscellaneous little stuff:

I couldn’t commit to putting just certain things in this cubby so I had a hard time with what to put in the little label holders. I ended up just putting inspirational words in there instead: beautiful, play, lucky, life, balance and design.

And again, I’m just a “wannabe” because I have this cubby system, but a lot of the stuff that goes in there is still scattered around in my office right now. At least I try!

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  • Jaci Clark - Hey, just having a cubby makes you a heck of a lot more organized than me! 🙂
    Wanna come over and organize MY stuff?


  • Smith Gallery Photography - I am totally the same way— there’s something so satisfying about trying to be organized! (note I said “trying!”) : )ReplyCancel

  • MK - Hey! I own that! Also, Jaime and I signed up for the Rockstar workshop, so we’ll see you there!!!ReplyCancel