Photo Friday – Tina

Driving or riding in the car is no easy task for a photographer. I’m constantly wanting to pull over and take photos of random things, and if I stopped every single time I wanted to take a picture I’d probably never get anywhere. So over the years, I’ve tried to become more selective about my stops and my requests to pull over. Thankfully, I’m also able to put my photographer brain on the back-burner while I safely navigate my vehicle. Animals get me nearly every time though.

When my family and I were riding around one afternoon in Colorado, I squealed in the backseat at the sight of this adorable llama posing alongside a fence. My dad dutifully pulled the car over for me so I could take a quick snapshot with my point-and-shoot. Llamas on farmland in front of foothills just aren’t something I see on a daily basis at home!

“Tina, eat! Eat the food.”


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