Photography Close to Home

I have a few friends who are interested in learning more about photography, and the one piece of advice I always give to anyone just starting out is, “shoot, shoot, shoot!” Get out there and shoot as much as possible. And this doesn’t have to mean going very far away. A lot of really fun images can be found right close to home. I took these images near the trail right behind our house:

And my husband, Chris, took these images (for those that didn’t know, he is a photographer as well, and an amazing one at that!):

His nature photography is incredible, don’t you think so? (Feel free to leave him some blog-love to tell him!) I think I’ll have to print that gorgeous blossom photo.

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  • Eileen Broderick - Nice! You are right–I should remember to shoot my everyday surroundings more often. I think we all sort of forget to see the beauty in what we see everyday; we take it for granted. Your pictures are always so strong and so vibrant. Love ’em! (And your hubbie’s! How lucky for you that you both love photography. My husband is literally afraid to touch my camera.)ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Wow! Impressive photos by both of you! hmmm…maybe a husband and wife photography team in your futures?! 😉
    I loved all of these photos…makes me want to get back into photography!ReplyCancel

  • Jaci Clark - OK, I NEED that 100mm! Awesome pictures from you and your hubby!


  • Casey - I didn’t know Chris was a photographer as well! How cool! His shots are fabulous – I especially like the blossom one.

    Susan – my favorite of yours is the dandelion one. How beautiful! I’ve never seen anyone do that before. It’s amazing!ReplyCancel