Radiohead at Nissan Pavilion (in the Rain)

Chris’s all-time favorite band is Radiohead, and we went to see them last night at Nissan Pavilion. We had less-than lovely weather yesterday (torrential downpours, 50 degrees, flooding, road closures everywhere due to the flooding) and for anyone who is unfamiliar with Nissan Pavilion, it’s an outdoor venue. We actually had seats in the “covered” area of the pavilion, but because of the wind blowing the rain sideways, we kept getting rained on anyway. By the time we got to our seats it really didn’t matter if we were in a covered area or not, because we had already trudged through the huge parking lot-turned-swamp and we were totally soaked. For some reason their lot isn’t paved, it’s just a giant gravel/mud area, so it literally was swampy, with unavoidable ankle-deep puddles. Check out my genius shoe choice (I didn’t know it would be so puddley!):

Even in the covered area, people wore ponchos and hooded raincoats (or even trashbags). We sat under an umbrella until the show started.

We actually only ended up staying for six or seven songs. My feet were so cold I actually started to wonder what the symptoms of frostbite are. The rain just wouldn’t let up, and we were still getting pelted where we were sitting, so we made the decision to go. There were plenty of hard-core fans in the lawn section that stayed, even sans umbrella! The part of the show that we did get to see was really good. They had an awesome light show choreographed perfectly with the music.

Both soaked from head-to-toe, wearing winter coats because it was around 50 degrees and windy, but still smiling!

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  • Stephen - THE SHOW: After missing my favorite song off of the new album, my wife and I managed to get to out seats in section 302 by song 3 and that was ok I guess…we were in our raingear, the life saving raingear that we purchased 10 years ago to watch our first daughter play soccer in all sorts of inclement weather. Anyway, Radiohead was incredible, unbelievable bass riffs, percussion out of this world, fantastic light show and the treat of Thom’s vocal and instrumental genius. The highlight for me was Planet Telex and Idiotechque, though I would rate the show a 9 out of 10. I would like to see them improvise a bit more, but I am not complaining at all, just an old Dead head who loves music.

    NOW THE BAD: This venue, the surrounding civil engineering disaster and horribly laid out parking will make this a first time/last time going from my home in Annapolis to Bristow and the Nissan Pavillion. The cops did nothing to help this scene, either, and the organizers ought to be shot for the way they have butchered getting to and from this place. My wife is a civil engineer and she was hysterical, cussing like a school girl, ****** that leaving Annapolis at 5:30 was not enough time to make it to our seats by 9…sad indeed. I had to fork over $30 to get a “quick out”, which wasn’t so quick, but 10 minutes vs. the horrible **** I heard about from other blogs ain’t bad I guess. WHat a disasterous set up and one I will never have to deal with again, because I am never setting foot in that ****** ** place ever again!!!

    We will be seeing Radiohead again Aug 1 in Chicago at Lollapolooza, where one can take public trans, walk a mile and hang out all day and cruise unreal music…having Radiohead play there is sweeter than honey.

    So, to recap, awesome concert, Radiohead is top notch. Ahhh, but to LiveNation and the Nissan Pavillion, a big **** YOU and I hope someone does something to change this. SOME PLANNING might help, but what a mess…ReplyCancel

  • susan - Stephen – I wholeheartedly agree that Nissan Pavilion just doesn’t have it together. Can they at least PAVE their parking lot?! Or at least fix the giant sink holes in it. We probably would’ve been fine and could have stayed longer if we hadn’t gotten SO soaked on the way from the parking lot to our seats. It really wouldn’t have mattered what shoes I wore, some of the puddles in the lot really were ankle-deep and unavoidable. I don’t own any waders!ReplyCancel

  • Sketchee - We all payed a $6 parking fee per ticket (not per car) and the parking lot was just a field they through gravel on. They didn’t even try to get us out of thereReplyCancel

  • Coelle - You guys are so cute!! And i love your shoes… 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Eileen Broderick - Oh, tim would be so jealous! (My husband.) Radiohead is his favorite band, too. Too bad you had to leave–what a bummer. But I don’t think I could have stuck it out either. Especially with those shoes on!ReplyCancel

  • Armin - Fun times Susan! Love the shot of the stage.ReplyCancel

  • emily - LOVE those red shoes!!!!!! the concert looked fun even though it rained…sorry you had to leave early.ReplyCancel

  • cjmst3k - A petition is going around for Radiohead to return to DC’s Verizon Center later this year, to make up for the Nissan disaster. Please consider signing it. And please forward it to a friend. Thank you.

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  • depeche mode at nissan pavilion » Susan Solo – VA/DC/MD Photographer - […] songs and newer tracks. And thankfully the weather held up, so it wasn’t at all like the last time we were at Nissan Pavilion for Radiohead. Professional photography equipment wasn’t allowed […]ReplyCancel