Reina & David – 09.10.11

I can’t possibly talk about Reina & David’s wedding without mentioning the weather. And I’m not just making small talk here. The east coast has had some really crazy weather the last several weeks, including an earthquake, Hurricane Irene, and now severe flooding with a week straight of rain, rain, and more rain. I have learned to be flexible with the weather when it comes to weddings, but of course I always hope for a day that will make it easier on the couple and everyone involved. Reina and Dave’s families traveled far and wide to get here, and they all arrived to one of the rainiest weeks we’ve ever had. This wedding has been in the works for over two years, and I just wanted to see it all come together perfectly! Well lo and behold, Saturday morning we were greeted with a cloudy, gray sky, but the rain had finally stopped! At that point, I was just thankful that it was no longer pouring, but the day just got better and better. Here are a few of my very favorite photos from the day!

Reina and Dave’s first look before the ceremony:

I love this to pieces:

Showing off her red shoes!

The day continued to be full of sweet details and little surprises, including a wardrobe change into a second dress for the ceremony.

All smiles, all day. I couldn’t get enough of it!

Getting a peek at the guests before the ceremony.

Believe it or not, it actually turned out to be an incredibly bright, warm sunny day, so guests were happily enjoying these cool refreshments:

See?! Perfect weather!


“We’re married!”

Every corner of the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club was filled with personal touches and details.

Love the cheerful colors!

A beautifully executed first dance, after taking ballroom dance lessons together. Perfect form!


And then it was time to get their party on!

A bubble send-off was the perfect end to a perfect day. I’m fascinated by this image that Chris took of Reina’s sister and niece – those big colorful circles are bubbles that are closer to the lens. 🙂

Best wishes and a big huge congratulations to you both, Reina and Dave! Everything was just wonderful, and all of your hard work and planning really showed. Chris and I had a wonderful time, and we hope you enjoy the photos for years and years to come!

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