School Supplies

In preparation for my New Year’s Resolution to learn to cook, I decided I should buy some new school supplies! Up until I went shopping last weekend, we just had a really really old cookware set that I purchased when I moved into my first apartment circa 2001. I spent under $100 for a twelve-piece non-stick set and plus I know non-stick coating doesn’t last forever, so we are well overdue for a new set. I wanted something I can get some mileage out of, so I did my research and decided on this small set of stainless All-Clad cookware. I really like that they are made in the USA, and that people say they’re very sturdy so I should have them for a long time. I’ll add pieces as needed, but I think this set plus the two newer non-stick pans and a Le Creuset dutch oven I already own will meet our needs.

I have also always wanted a good stand mixer, although I don’t do a ton of baking. (Side note: I’m actually not that bad at baking! Especially compared to my cooking.) I wasn’t planning to buy one until I saw all of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals in my inbox this weekend, so I decided to go for it. KitchenAid stand mixers are also made right here in the US, so I figured it’s good to put a little money back into the economy right?

So what do you think? Did I make the right choices? I can’t wait to use all of the new school supplies in my cooking adventures! What kitchen tools/gadgets do you have that are constantly valuable to your own culinary adventures?

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  • saVUryandsweet - beautiful new toys 🙂 a nice set is a good investment as long as you have the cabinet space. i don’t know about constantly valuable but i put my pasta machine to work this weekend – that’s a retry, my pasta was a little tough. and i intend to use my ice cream maker one of these days.ReplyCancel

  • susan - I had to make cabinet space! I bought a wire rack and turned it on its side so could stack my pans. We have a tiny kitchen! And I definitely want to try making pasta. Soon!ReplyCancel

  • Coelle - I love love LOVE my kitchenAid mixer. It is so handy when I bake!! Good choice!! And we really want new cookware, too. Nicely done!ReplyCancel