Little Signs of Summer

I’m noticing a few bug bites here and there from this weekend, which is my own official sign that summer is here! I’m not sure what it is about me in particular, but I get eaten alive if I’m outdoors for any length of time in the summer. Maybe it’s that my shampoo and conditioner tend to make me smell like a tasty fruit salad? This weekend I was at a wedding on Saturday and a princess birthday party on Sunday (lots of pictures coming soon!), so I’m covered in bites and I’m itchy. If anyone happens to know of a bug repellant that isn’t too harsh and doesn’t smell gross, please let me know! SPF would be a huge bonus.

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  • Mom - Susan – try Off! Skintastic by Johnson. It is also labeled “Clean Feel”. It comes in a spray bottle. I have used it for several years when I work outside and it really is effective. No smell and no icky feeling.ReplyCancel

  • susan - Mom to the rescue! Thanks, Mom! I’ll try that.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Hodzic - Susan, the Skin So Soft by AVON is the BOMB!
    That is what I handed you before our wedding on Friday.
    Let me know if you got any bites that night… I think I only got one which is a MIRACLE! 😀
    It has SPF 15 and 30 YAY!