Skagway, Alaska

As I was cleaning up some folders and files on my hard drives, it occurred to me that I have so many images I haven’t blogged, especially from fun things like our travels. And since I’m daydreaming about when we’ll get to travel next (we have a few things in the works!) reminiscing about past adventures helps me to pass the time. So I’m going to revisit some of those trips and post more images, in no particular order starting with Alaska. One of our stops on the trip included the cutest mining town called Skagway. Perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Skagway is to take a narrow gauge railroad to the Summit of the White Pass, but Chris and I had done so many excursions in the previous days that we decided just to do our own walking tour of the town. We’ll just have to go back someday! 01_skagway_alaska_blog02_skagway_alaska_blog03_skagway_alaska_blog04_skagway_alaska_blog05_skagway_alaska_blog06_skagway_alaska_blog07_skagway_alaska_blog08_skagway_alaska_blog09_skagway_alaska_blog10_skagway_alaska_blog

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