Switzerland 2004

Yes, that title is correct! These images are from a trip to Switzerland nearly ten years ago. I’m only just now posting them because they were all taken on 35mm film, and I just never got around to scanning the images. (And as a side note, the scans are from the 4×6 prints, so the quality might not be the best.) But since this blog is somewhat of a photo diary for me, I’d be remiss to leave out some of my favorite trips. My side-trip to Italy and a separate adventure to England are next up to get scanned.

Chris and I went to Lugano, Switzerland back when he used to travel a lot for work. He was scheduled to work at a conference for the week, so I mostly toured the country (and Italy!) on my own. We flew into Zurich and took an incredibly beautiful train ride into the southern/Italian part of Switzerland. We stayed at the super cute Hotel Lugano Dante, which was central to a lot of restaurants and shops. I spent a lot of time wandering the area by foot and sometimes by bus once I figured out the system. I knew how to ask for directions in Italian well enough that the answer was returned to me in Italian, which I couldn’t make heads or tails from, but yay that my Italian was passable!


When Chris was able to take some time off, we took a train ride into Luzern so that we could see the spectacular views from Mt. Pilatus and also to see the Chapel Bridge in town. We rode a funicular all the way to the top of the mountain only to find out that it was completely foggy that day with zero visibility! But after riding a cable car back down, we did get to see the bridge. And it was really fun to visit the German-speaking part of the country. Neither of us speak a word of German, but we enjoyed trying.


One of the highlights of my visit was an overnight trip to a tiny Swiss Alps town called Gimmelwald. Another conference significant other, Tammi, and I took a train to Interlaken and then a bus to a really amazing site called Trümmelbach Falls. It’s a series of waterfalls inside of a mountain that you get to by tunnels and paths along the falls. I’ll never forget how loud and beautiful they were! If you get the chance to go, it’s an amazing site to see and hear.


After seeing the falls, we made our way to Gimmelwald, which is only accessible by cable car. The population of the most adorable town in the world is just over a hundred people! We stayed at Mountain Hostel, my only hostel experience to-date, and it was absolutely amazing. Our sleeping arrangements were dorm-room style and fairly comfy, but I didn’t get even a minute of sleep. Instead, I stayed up all night and well into the morning talking with other travelers, laughing, trading stories and photos, and playing silly card games. 08_switzerland_2004_blog09_switzerland_2004_blog

And then the next morning, before anyone else was awake, I grabbed my camera and set off to go hiking. I got to see the sunrise over the Alps, found some authentic Swiss cows, and ate a picnic breakfast in probably the most peaceful, majestic setting I’ll ever experience. Looking back on it, it’s one of my most favorite travel memories, but I also get a little spooked at thinking how dumb it probably was to go wandering around by myself in the mountains without telling anyone. Oops! Obviously it worked out, but I wouldn’t do that now. 🙂


Sigh! I can’t wait to go back someday. Oh, did you notice there aren’t any photos of Chris or me on this trip? Sadly, I think we only took one or two of each other and NONE together! There’s one horrible photo of me in the dorm room at Mountain Hostel after a night of no sleep, so please forgive me for not posting that one. And I can’t find the other one of me from the trip. It’s funny how many “selfies” we take now that we have digital cameras/phones, but for some reason we just didn’t do that as much on the film cameras. So for that reason, I guess we’ll just need to go back!

Up next (after I get the images scanned), my solo-trip across the Switzerland/Italy border to see Milan.

Update: I did find another picture of me! Here I am standing in front of a fountain in Lugano:


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