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To Insure Or Not To Insure

Today I thought I’d cover a topic that is near and dear to my heart: travel insurance! Wait, did you just stifle a yawn?! Okay, I admit this isn’t at all the most glamorous or interesting subject, but hear me out. You know how if you remember to bring an umbrella with you, it probably […]

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Somewhere Old or Somewhere New?

When Chris and I brainstorm the place we’d like to visit next, we tend to pull from our master list of must-see countries, but every once in a while we do wax poetic about places we’ve already been. Okay, in truth it’s probably more whiny than poetic when it’s coming from me. I’m sure I’ve […]

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How to Use OneNote for Travel Planning

And now for a peek inside my inner geek – how I use Microsoft OneNote to obsessively organize my travel plans! Have you ever used OneNote for work or school? It’s great for that, but I find it incredibly useful for keeping all of our current and upcoming travel plans neat and accessible. And just […]

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