Visiting Family in Fort Collins

Hello again, East Coast! I just returned from a long weekend in Colorado to visit my family in Fort Collins (sadly, Chris had to stay home and work). I enjoyed plenty of quality time with my parents and siblings, and also had the opportunity to see two really good friends – one who recently moved to Denver, and one who was visiting all the way from Taiwan! In addition to family time, I ate way too much food, caught up on some sleep, and watched a couple of good movies. It was a relaxing trip, which is just what I needed. I brought my camera with the intention of taking lots of fun photos, but the weather was fairly uncooperative most of the time. It was rainy and overcast, which is super odd for Colorado this time of year.

I did take few photos in my parents’ yard one morning when I spotted a cute pair of humming birds. I brought the wrong lens for the job, but here are a couple of photos I managed to grab. Hummingbirds are quite the challenge to photograph!


We drove up to Estes Park one afternoon and had planned to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, but the weather decided to be rainy and blah. I’ve been to the park a few times, but never with my good camera and a proper wide-angle lens, so I was hoping to practice some landscape photography. Instead, I was able to take some nature photos when we happened upon a few elk wandering around Estes Park! We just spotted them grazing roadside. I didn’t get out of the car for the photos due to the rain, but I didn’t have to – they let us pull up close enough to reach out and touch them. (Just to clarify, I did not touch them.)



When it finally stopped raining on the way back, we pulled over so I could take a quick photo of the Big Thompson River. The scenery driving to and from the park is beautiful, so if you have the opportunity to go it’s definitely worth the drive, even on a hazy day.


Chris and I will head back to Colorado in the winter as per usual, so hopefully the weather will cooperate for some ski adventures!

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