"You Can Do It. We Can Help."

Chris and I fancy ourselves DIY-ers for certain projects around the house. We have installed our own shelving in all of the closets, we’ve done all of the interior painting so far, Chris installed a digital thermostat, etc. We installed a gas range and hung the over-the-range microwave. We’re somewhat handy, so we thought installing a light in the kitchen shouldn’t be too hard. We finally decided to tackle the project today. Here’s the old fixture:

Here are the necessary widgets for the new fixture:

And here’s when we decided we needed to turn to a professional after realizing that we don’t have the same support-bracket mount as shown in the instructions. So our kitchen currently looks like this:

So we called Home Depot. There’s just something about messing around with electrical installation that I’m just a little leary of, so no sense in risking it, right?

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