You’ve Got Mail

Random fact about me: I absolutely love snail mail. That’s not so unique; I imagine most people probably enjoy getting letters, postcards, magazines and packages. But my love for mail isn’t entirely limited to “fun” mail. I actually (secretly) sort of like receiving certain junk mail, catalogs*, bank statements, and pretty much anything as long as it isn’t bad news or a surprise bill. My routine when I come home from work is to first greet my dear husband who almost always makes it home before I do, and then to sort and read my mail. If I’m expecting something, I might even IM him on my BlackBerry before I get there to ask if I got anything.

That said, why hadn’t I tried Netflix up until now?! It is seriously the BEST! I love watching movies, and I love getting mail. It was totally fun to anticipate the arrival of my first two selections from my Netflix queue. Not to mention they sent me emails yesterday, which of course I also love, to let me know that I was going to receive them today. And I did receive them today! Today’s mail contained two of the fun little bright red mailers with my selections inside.

My first two dvds are so not exciting, just workout videos, so I unfortunately I won’t have any fun movie reviews to post for you. But I just wanted to say that the process is really cool. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.

*Disclaimer: Even though I love mail, I don’t actually sign up for that many catalogs, and most of my bills are all paperless in an attempt to stay somewhat “green” postal-wise. No need to sign me up for any extra catalogs…thanks!

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  • Jaci Clark - I *heart* Netflix! We’ve been using them for about 3 years now and LOVE them. I can’t believe you haven’t used them before! Watch out, it’s addicting. 🙂


  • Eileen Broderick - I wish I did Netflix. I never watch movies anymore. Have you seen Cloverfield? Crazy fun–turn it UP and get ready! I have lots of other favorites…Life is Beautiful. In America. Geez–you can rent anything nowadays–seasons of old shows…old favorites like Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles. Were you, like, 2 when those movies came out?! LOL.ReplyCancel