101 in 1001 Updates

I’ve accomplished a couple of things from my 101 in 1001 list recently but just haven’t gotten around to posting about it. A few days ago, Stephen dropped off his keyboard for me to borrow for a little while, so I am super excited to report that I have started on number 52: “Learn to play the piano or the guitar.” I have always wanted to learn to play piano, but wasn’t sure how to get one into our little townhouse. The keyboard fits perfectly! I’m not sure when exactly to check it off my list because technically, I’ve taught myself to play a complete song including chords with correct fingering (I can play Happy Birthday). But I’m going to call a piano teacher and see if I can take some lessons because I do really want to learn properly and I can see myself enjoying playing for years and years.

 A few weeks ago I wrote a thank you note for something other than a gift, so I can cross off number 100.

And then this past weekend I checked off number 25 by taking a few minutes to grab all of the clothes out of my closet and dressers that are either too big or too small (and a few items that are just ready to be retired) and set them aside to donate. There wasn’t that much stuff, only a few shopping bags’ worth, but it was definitely taking up prime real estate in my wardrobe. So you know what that means? I can go shopping now!

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  • Jaci Clark - YAY! Great stuff there! I need to do one of these lists too. Or I at least need to go through my closet and donate some clothes 🙂