50th Birthday Bash

Last night I photographed probably THE best birthday party I’ve ever witnessed, and it was held in a really (really really) cool venue, The State Theatre in Falls Church. I had been to the theatre for a show several years ago, but I didn’t realize they also held private events. The space is amazing! It was perfect for a party, and it would also be really fun for a wedding reception.


But more about the party – seriously, it looked so fun. You guys, it was a costume party! So not only was it at this amazing venue, everyone dressed up. The costumes were incredible, and somehow I didn’t see very many duplicates. People were so creative! I don’t even know how anyone could decide who to vote on in the contest since every single costume was fantastic. 04_scott_party_blog18_scott_party_blog05_scott_party_blog06_scott_party_blog07_scott_party_blog08_scott_party_blog09_scott_party_blog17_scott_party_blog

The guest of honor himself had FOUR costume changes! Side note: this was fun for me, because I hadn’t met him yet. So when I arrived, he was pointed out to me as the gentleman in the President Lincoln costume. Easy enough! Keep an eye out for the tall hat. But then after a while I didn’t see Lincoln anywhere, and I realized he was now Captain America! And there were two more costume changes! Now THAT is how you do a costume party.10_scott_party_blog

The dance floor was full all night long…11_scott_party_blog

…except when guests visited the photobooth provided by The State Theatre! So fun.12_scott_party_blog13_scott_party_blog15_scott_party_blog16_scott_party_blog

Seriously, it was the perfect party. Happy happy birthday, Scott! You sure do know how to celebrate! 🙂14_scott_party_blog

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