Dress Shopping

I had a kind of a busy weekend, and it started with wedding dress shopping on Friday with Jenn, her mom, and one of her Matrons of Honor, Rosa. The shop was overwhelmingly packed with tons and tons of gowns! But among so many dresses, she did find an incredibly gorgeous gown and I’m really excited for her.

I wanted to post more about it, but I just realized that if there’s the tiniest chance Stephen might accidentally see this post, I shouldn’t put a picture of her dress on here! So you’ll just have to look for photos later this year.

Next weekend is when I leave for the Flourish workshop, so I’m really excited even though I have a million things to do before then to get ready. Oh and I found out who my roommate is! I’ve been talking to her a bit via email and photography forum, and she is going to be so much fun. Of course I’ll give you the full report when I get back. I’m actually planning to debut my new blog with that post, so stay tuned!

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