Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow is the big day! I’m so anxious. I can hardly believe it’s here already. I have massive piles of laundry to do today before I can get started packing. My dad would pass out at the amount of stuff I’m bringing with me for only a 3-day trip! But I’ll still follow his rule of bringing only what I am capable of carrying on my own. Chris has a HUGE suitcase that will easily fit all of my clothes plus my pillow. Plus I’m bringing my large camera bag, and a carry-on tote for stuff to do on the plane. I’m so excited that my Epson P3000 digital wallet/card reader can play movies! I’ll watch The Nanny Diaries (loved the book) on the plane.

Ugh, speaking of movies, Chris and I saw Cloverfield last night. I was so excited to see it because J. J. Abrams, the creator of Lost, produced the movie. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I didn’t love the movie. Tip: don’t eat before you go see it. Not because it’s violent or graphic (it is) but because the camera work is supposed to look like a homemade movie and it’s extremely shaky the entire 90 minutes. The effects were good though, so it was fun in that respect.

Also fun: volunteering last night at the Special Olympics with Alia and Michelle. This is our second year with the event, and this time we participated in decorating the auditorium for the opening ceremonies. We blew up tons of helium and mylar balloons in a “superheroes” theme, and bunched them to hang around the room. Here’s a really bad picture of our handy-work (I just had my little point-and-shoot and the room was dark):

I probably won’t post from Louisville, so have a great week!

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