I know there are thousands of photographers' bios that say, "I’ve been in love with photography since I was ten years old," but it's true! I used to set up scenes with my City LEGO and photograph them. Of all the hobbies I've had throughout my life, photography is the one that stuck. Now I love to photograph bits of real life, especially details and scenes while traveling. 

Speaking of which, you might notice I have a very serious case of wanderlust. I love to travel and I’m always looking for the next big adventure or ways to fill out my travel map.

If you ask me where I’m from I’ll tell you that I don’t have specific roots. I was born in Missouri, but my family moved to Colorado (twice), Texas (twice), and finally to Virginia. After a brief stint in Maryland, I’m now settled into a tiny townhouse in Northern Virginia, where Chris and I are constantly learning about being homeowners. In addition to travel and home DIY, I love reading, watching movies (except horror movies), and trying new things like playing guitar and skiing/snowboarding.

This site started out in 2007 as a place to post my photos (all images are mine unless otherwise noted), and then it morphed into the web presence for Susan Solo Photography where I spent six years photographing weddings, portraits, and the occasional commercial job.

At the moment, I’m pressing pause on my wedding and portrait business in order to travel and go on various adventures! So I’ll mostly be sharing personal images again, as well as stories about travel and adventures, being a homeowner, and other random shenanigans.

But please feel free to contact me with questions or comments, or even book and movie recommendations or new recipes to try. I love hearing from you!