I’m so sorry about the silence on my blog this past week. I think I’ve had a slight case of writer’s block, or in this case I guess it’s more a case of blog-block. I haven’t really done anything in the past several days except catch up on a week’s worth of TV that I missed while Chris was out of town, so what in the world could I write about? So, I turned to my archive of images just now to see if there was anything I could use for inspiration. I found this image below from my trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago, and I figured I’d share something that you probably don’t know about me.

Random fact about me: I’ve probably purchased more small fans than anyone you know, because I have to have one to fall asleep at night! There’s something about the white noise that I’m addicted to, and it blocks out any ambient noise that would otherwise keep me awake since I’m a light sleeper. I literally wake up immediately if the power goes out and I don’t have the fan noise going anymore. And pretty much anywhere I travel, I either bring one with me or I buy one while I’m there. Or sometimes hotels will have them available for guests. One time when I was in London, I called the front desk to request one and the concierge asked if my room was too warm. I explained that I needed it to sleep, and he said he totally understood and even offered to stand in my room and make a “shhhhhhhhhhh” noise for me himself if he couldn’t find one! And another time, at a hotel in Hawaii, I requested a fan, but the only kind they had was a HUGE industrial-sized fan used for drying the carpet. Best. Fan. Ever.

I bought this one while I was in Florida, and it happens to be my favorite brand fan. I consider it $20 for a good night’s sleep, and if you divide that up over a week of vacation, that’s under $3 a night to sleep like a baby. Weird, right?!

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  • Eileen Broderick - Not Weird At All. I am just like you. Well–I haven’t bought a million fans but it’s b/c I usually pack my own sound machine when I leave home. I cannot stand to sleep in a room w/o white noise. And I obsess with random or repetitive noises like a ticking clock. Makes me insane! I, too, wake up when the power goes out. Or if I accidentally set my alarm with the volume turned completely down I will still wake up when the clock “reacts” even though it is not making a sound. It’s a curse. Do you have an iPhone? You can downlaod whitenoise apps for it. As a back up.ReplyCancel

  • susan solo photography - the blog » blizzard of 2009 - day 1 - […] supplies: snacks, water, sodas, Us Weekly magazine. Tried to find a fan because I forgot mine and can’t sleep without one, only it’s impossible to find a fan in the off-season. Settled on a small heater with a fan […]ReplyCancel