Debbie & Stephen – 09.29.12

This past Saturday, I had the honor of photographing Debbie and Stephen’s wedding! As I mentioned before in their engagement session post, I know Debbie from high school, which was just a “few” years ago. 😉 I had been holding my breath all week because the weather forecast was predicting rain, but it ended up being an absolutely perfect day! I love this time of year.

Debbie’s dad.

And her mom.


Stephen looks so cool and calm.

Gooooooo team!

Um, how cute is this flower girl? She’s all, “Here is my dress, and here is my shoe!”


We took a few post-ceremony photos near the church…

And then took a few more at Indigo Landing.

Debbie’s dad MADE this adorable sign for the reception.

Debbie and Stephen…or Fred and Ginger? Their first dance was beautifully choreographed.

And I love this idea – they put out a favor table, where guests could chose from various favors to take home.

“There’s always s’more love to go around” little s’mores kits.

“Pop up some love tonight!”

A couple more BRHS alumni – go Spartans!

Gangnam Style!

This is a first – there was a palm tree in the photobooth.

His sign reads, “Steve, I’ve always loved you!” Aw!

Looks like he got over it pretty quickly.

Glow-stick exit!

Debbie – I’m glad we’ve kept in touch! It was really fun for me to get to witness and photograph your beautiful day. Stephen – it has been so nice to meet you! You have an amazing wife. 🙂 Chris and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

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