Depeche Mode at Nissan Pavilion

If you read my post a few months ago about getting to see Depeche Mode in concert for the first time, you know how excited I was to finally see them, and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed at the show last night. If only the 32 year-old me could go back and tell the 12 year-old me, “It’s okay, you’ll get to see them eventually,” that would have been helpful. Although if I found out it would take twenty years for the appropriate stars and planets to align in order to see a concert, I might have had another dramatic pre-teen meltdown. The show was incredible and a good mix of nostalgic songs and newer tracks. And thankfully the weather held up, so it wasn’t at all like the last time we were at Nissan Pavilion for Radiohead. Professional photography equipment wasn’t allowed and they did do bag/pocket checks so I’m glad I didn’t try to sneak my gear in, but I did take a few snaps from far away with the point-and-shoot.

Just showing you where our seats were (in the covered section, but not super close to the stage):

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  • Jaci Clark - YAY! So glad you finally got to see them! Looks like a great concert and great fun!


  • cindy - Great shots Susan! Looks like you had alot of fun! (O:ReplyCancel