Family Photo Attempt

Last weekend I met up with Jenn and Stephen to attempt to take a quick family picture with their two kitties. I say attempt, because the kitties didn’t end up being very cooperative. It turns out that because they don’t really like each other, they don’t really want to be in a group photo either. So rather then force them and end up with tons of scratches, we took a few pictures of just the human part of the family instead:

Jenn and Stephen just recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, and this was Stephen’s anniversary gift to Jenn. (Nice job, Stephen!)

And we couldn’t leave Max and Boney out of the photo session completely! We took a few individual pictures. Here is Mr. Max looking rather peeved still. And I don’t think he likes his outfit:

And here is Boney, who doesn’t love the camera but I managed to sneak this one in anyway:

style> For the record, I adore all animals and am super patient with them! I’ve had some successful people + pet photos in the past, including pictures of just Jenn and Max, but this was my first try with two cats that don’t get along really well and don’t want their picture taken. I guess you can win ’em all. 🙂
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  • Anna - Cute! They look so happy, especially the first photo, love it!! And the last one is so cute!!ReplyCancel

  • Jenn - Thanks Susan.. as always LOVE the pics… the one of Boney upside down is just too cute. You are fantastic and wonderfully patient. Thank you for everything.. Love youReplyCancel

  • cindy - LOL! These are so cute! Adorable kitties and humans too! (O:ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - LOVE the pic of MaxReplyCancel