Jamie & Daniel – Engaged!

Meet Jamie and Daniel! Jamie is one of Chris’s co-workers where he works when he’s not being awesome behind the camera as my photography partner. Jamie and Daniel are getting married in Florida, but wanted to have some local Virginia-flavored engagement photos taken, so that’s where I come in! We started our session off yesterday at Tarara Winery in Leesburg, Virginia, which holds a special place in their hearts because that’s where Daniel proposed. Aw! Look how cute:

This was taken right near the spot where Daniel proposed!The whole property at Tarara was just so lovely. Really peaceful and well-kept. I will keep this spot in mind next time I need a bit of serenity!

Favorite image! It’s just so sweet:

Or maybe this next one is my favorite?! I love the colors! (And for the record, this one is Chris’s favorite.)

“Famous” green wall alley in Leesburg (sort of famous to local photographers, anyway):

I can’t even take it – they are just SO CUTE!

And let’s just see a close-up of that gorgeous ring. Daniel did a perfect job in selecting it! (And Jamie and I did a perfect job of finding a cool background to photograph it on.)

Jamie and Daniel, I had so much fun hanging out with you guys and getting to know you! You were awesome to photograph – thank you for the great afternoon! And I can’t wait to see photos from your wedding! Best wishes and congratulations! 🙂

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