Lessons Learned

Earlier this week, I sat in the waiting area of the music studio anxiously awaiting my first guitar lesson and I instantly felt like a kid again, when it seemed like my schedule was constantly busy with lessons of some sort. I looked back on all of the random things I’ve learned by way of private instruction, and I felt really lucky to have experienced so many different things whether I stuck with it or not. When I was about four or five I think, I took gymnastics lessons and my parents have told me that I “quit” because I was too hot in the gymnasium. As a side note, I remember being fond of gymnastics (and I’m pretty sure I could do a mean somersault on the balance beam), but that’s okay, I’ve moved on. A few years later, I vividly remember taking swimming lessons, and being completely terrified of jumping into the deep end. Who isn’t afraid of getting sucked down that drain at the bottom?! Then there were oil painting classes, tennis lessons, and eventually flute and voice lessons. I’ve probably left quite a few things off the list, because it seems like I was always learning stuff. As an adult, I’ve taken crochet and sewing lessons, jewelry-making and ballroom dance classes, and I’ve even taken swimming lessons again! Most recently I attended a few cooking classes, and now I’ve signed up for recurring guitar lessons with no end date, might I add, because I’m dead set on mastering it. It’s going pretty well so far! I can play an extremely watered-down Ode to Joy, but I absolutely love the process of learning something new (even if I am really tired of Ode to Joy already).

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  • Deanna - I think it’s awesome that you are taking guitar lessons! I’ve recently been regretting that I ever gave up piano lessons (because when I took them in 4th and 5th grade I had the meanest teacher EVER)… and I’ve seriously considered starting to learn again. Good luck with it! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Eileen Broderick - You are so good at accomplishing things! I, too, want so badly to play the guitar. I took lessons once and was doing okay until it was time to play chords. My fingers were so weak! I should have persevered. Maybe I can try again some day…ReplyCancel