Meet Charlie

In the interest of posting about things other than Flourish, I thought I’d introduce you to Charlie.

I love all animals, but I’m mostly a dog person. Chris and I aren’t home enough so we haven’t figured out how to work a dog into our lifestyle, but I have to have an animal around. Something that I can keep in a cage for a reasonable amount of time while we’re not here works out well. So Chris and I brought Charlie home about seven months ago, and he’s finally starting to like us. It was hard for a while when he was mostly just terrified of us and everything that we did – if we walked by the cage too fast he lost about half of his feathers flapping around in sheer terror. But I have been determined to make this bird like me, and I think we’re getting somewhere now.

Or maybe we’ve just learned to walk by a little slower. Who is training who?

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