Mystery Gadget?

I realize this is quite random, but I couldn’t think of a better audience to which I could pose this question. What is this gadget for?! Chris and I are working on purging our house of anything we don’t use, so we’re going through boxes, drawers, closets, etc. Our house isn’t particularly cluttered, but every once in a while I go through a sort of cleansing ritual of getting rid of things around the house, and donate things in good condition that others might be able to use. Anyway, we found this in the kitchen in the utensils drawer. Not the whisk-thingy – I know what that is. The tool next to it. Anyone know what it does? I can’t really Google it without knowing what to ask, so I thought I’d just ask you. (I did try looking at the website, but there are a billion gadgets and tools on there.)

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  • Sara - Hi there! The curious little gadget is a citrus zester (I’m not sure that’s the technical name, but I know that is its main purpose). It’s all kinds of awesomeness and comes in pretty handy sometimes. 🙂

    I love your beautiful photos!ReplyCancel

  • Casey - It’s a lemon zester. You scrape it across a lemon (or lime) and you get those nice, thin wisps of the peel to put in various dishes. I love mine! Mostly because I used to use a cheese grater for the task and I’d always scrape up my fingers…ReplyCancel

  • MK - LEMON ZESTER! And that’s a good one!ReplyCancel

  • Heather - it is a citrus zester! it works super well!ReplyCancel

  • susan - Ooo, thanks everyone for the info! I am definitely going to try it out!ReplyCancel