Photo Friday – D.C. Retrospective

Technically I did blog this photo a long time ago, but it was at the end of an engagement session entry and it’s one of my favorite images of D.C., so I thought I’d give it its own post.

A few years ago when I took this image, I was sitting at a stoplight on Pennsylvania Ave., and I had my camera in the front seat since I had just finished photographing a session in the city. Right before the light changed to green, I noticed the Capitol building in my side view mirror, shining brightly against the deep blue of the dusky evening sky. I grabbed my camera and quickly made one exposure before it was my turn to go. Whenever I see it, I’m reminded of the many times I spent a weekend afternoon/evening in the city photographing my wonderful clients. There may have been traffic (there was), it might have been difficult to find a parking spot (it usually was), and one time President Obama’s motorcade on Rt. 66 might have made me late to a session (it did), but I remember my city shoots in our beautiful capital fondly.


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